Who I Am

I am an educator, child life specialist, social worker and writer, whose passion is anything that supports children’s development and healing in the face of everyday life or trauma. I specialize in helping children and families cope with hospitalization, chronic illness and loss.  My mission is to prevent and mitigate trauma through coaching the adult caregivers who support children facing medical encounters of themselves or loved ones -- which includes well children facing routine medical encounters. I consult with teachers, hospital personnel and parents to provide support for children through meaningful and therapeutic play experiences for children and adults.  I promote open-ended, child-centered play in hospitals, schools and at home.

What I Do

My speciality is play – everything about play that supports developing children, especially those effected by illness or loss. I am available online and in person in New York City to:

  • Teach play skills to caregivers and healthcare professionals who wish to connect more with children in this digital age.
  • Coach and support parents in how to prepare their children for medical events, from routine wellness appointments to surgery or longterm treatment.
  • Provide guidance for how to support siblings when a child is ill
  • Provide guidance and support for how to support children through a parent’s serious illness.
  • Provide staff development and support to teachers whose students face illness and loss.
  • Provide in person or online clinical supervision to working child life specialists.
  • Teach play skills to child life students, teachers and healthcare professionals.
  • Consulting work: Project leader for Survey of the State of Play in North American Hospitals (CLC) and subject expert for “That’s Child Life!” (CLC).
  • Public speaking at conferences and  inservices in the USA and abroad. (New Zealand, Palestinian Territories, Czech Republic, Japan thus far!)
  • Write- I am the author of several chapters, many articles and hopefully, very soon, a book.